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Fort William to Mallaig by Rail

Fort William to Mallaig by Rail

2005. We saw a poster in the campground at Ben Nevis for the Hogwarts Express, so we went into Fort William and were lucky enough to get on board. Officially it is called the Jacobean Express and we didn't get the Red Hogwarts engine for our trip but the cars are beautiful and the 41 mile trip between Fort William and Mallaig is amazing. The long viaduct was used for filming the Hogwarts Express. My face was so covered with soot from leaning out the windows that I could hardly see at the end of the day.

troch This photo was shot on film. Lomografo: troch
Câmera: Nikon FM2
Filme: Konica Minolta VX 400
Localização: Fort William
Tags: 35mm, holidays, vacation, train, scotland, color e harry potter
Date: 2005-08-04
Álbuns encontrados: All Aboard!

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